A Brief History About Us

We are a small group from diverse backgrounds, the common denominator among us is our passion for motorsports. Our humble beginnings originated in Southern California, where automotive innovation and sub cultures permeate. What started as just an idea to create unique designs that our inner circle would be proud to wear when attending motorsports events, track days and car shows, has since evolved into a premium brand associated with the highest levels of motorsports. We are continually working on original “clean” designs for the automotive and motorsports lovers that are unique to our industry.

Our Goal

Our goal is to provide motorsports themed apparel that is unique in design using high quality materials that are fashionable yet comfortable and will stand the test of time with durability. Since we start our process with textiles from respected companies such as American Apparel, we know that the materials have been tested to the highest standards in the industry. Sustainability is close to our heart. We produce environmentally-friendly T-shirts in order to reduce waste and we recycle whenever possible. Various portions of our graphics are hand-designed, distressed and screen-printed utilizing classic techniques as well as modern artistry. We believe this attention to detail and craftsmanship will create a lasting impression among motorsport enthusiasts and appreciators of quality garments alike.

Tweets from the Shop Floor